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10 Signs To Know When Your Blood Sugar Level is Out of Control

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If you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you know the struggle of keeping your blood sugar level under control. If you want to have the accurate measure, you need to check your level everyday. Having the record right in front of you will help your doctor to analyse which stage you are in or how much you are progressing. Don’t waste your time in speculating, head over to clinic and take steps in preventing the disease as soon as possible.

In this post you will learn about how do you know if your blood sugar levels are out of control. These signs are very important to note as neglecting them can seriously harm your overall health.

If you feel thirsty and you rush for it

When your body tends to produce too much sugar, you have frequent urination with excessive thirst. These are the common signs of diabetes. At this stage, your kidney fails to filter out the sugar from your body, hence they tend to get more fluids from your tissue which is why you urinate so frequently. You feel thirsty more than usual because your body is trying to replenish the liquid that is losing. During this time, it’s important to drink more fluids or you might dehydrate.

When you feel more tired than usual

When your body loses its energy, it is a sign that your blood sugar level isn’t under control. If sugar stays in your bloodstream for quite a long time period and it isn’t diverting it to the rest of the blood cells, your muscles won’t get enough fuel. During this time, you may experience fatigue every time. You just want to take a nap even after you had a good sleep. You might feel extremely tired after having a big meal. It is very important to get your blood test at private blood test clinic on a regular basis.

Feeling dizzy or shaking

This is one of the most important signs your body gives you when you are out of control of blood sugar levels. If you have low blood sugar level, you might feel dizzy or shaky. Our brain lives on glucose to function properly. If your brain can’t get glucose, it could be dangerous and life threatening. There is a short term solution for bringing your sugar level up by having a fruit juice. These signs of dizziness should not be ignored and you must consult with your doctor.

When your hands swell up

When you are suffering from high blood pressure or you have diabetes, in both the cases, your kidney stops the functioning of filtering out the wastes from your body. Since, your body is not getting a way out to get rid of fluids, your hands and feet tend to swell. Such swelling might bring you some more bad news of kidney disease. It’s important to get your sugar levels under control through medication as prescribed by your doctor.

Do you feel numbness?

When your blood sugar level rises, you may have nerve damage. You might experience numbness in your feet or hands. This numb feeling is like when you have no senses for pain or any kind of temperature changes. You must go for a podiatrist for regular foot exams. The other way may happen when you become super sensitive to things that has painless stimulation.

You suffer from stomach trouble

The nerve that helps stomach in moving the food through your digestive tract gets heavily affected when you have diabetes. Your stomach loses the function of getting emptied and as such you may face with innumerable issues like  vomiting, nausea,  heartburn, or  bloating. If you have Gastroparesis (which is the same condition mentioned above), it will be difficult for you to control your diabetes.

You can suffer from lost sight

Either you are suffering from high blood pressure or have high blood sugar, both conditions can harm your vision. A lot of adults have Diabetic retinopathy which results in damaging their vessels in the eye. Your loss of sight might associate with other signs like flashing lights, blurred vision or spots. This is the time when you should seek an eye specialist who can detect how much damage you currently have. To know the level of your blood sugar level, do the required Blood tests in your nearby local clinic and be confident about your progressing stages.  

Weight loss

A lot of times when you reduce weight, it’s a good news but when you have type 2 diabetes, it’s definitely not. When you tend to lose weight rampantly and very quickly, it means something is wrong. If you are experiencing this, it means that you have high blood sugar levels. When you urinate too much, you are reducing the amount of fluids and glucose out of your body. This results in losing weight even when you are not doing anything.

If you have recurring Infections

If you have recurring Infections, it is a sign of high blood sugar. These infections could be  urinary tract infections, or it might be fungal or bacterial. Some other infections include  kidney and gallbladder infections,  respiratory infections,  sinus infections and so on.

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