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Benefits of Eating Apple: Ailments & Remedial Properties

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The apple is a sub-acid fruit and one of the most precious of all the fruits. It is a plump fruit, with hard skin, ranging in shade from greenish yellow to red.

It is typically 5 to 7 cm in diameter and has reddish pink or yellowish pale fleshy tissue. The apple is well thought-out “protecting” and most nutritious foodstuff.

Apart from its energy value, another benefit of eating apple daily is that it plays a significant role in the normal growth of metabolic functions-i.e. the chemical and substantial changes that take place inside the body and facilitate its constant development and performance.

The apple is a native of Western Asia and Eastern Europe and has been cultivated from the primitive era. The benefits of eating apple are also mentioned in the records of Babylon, old China and Egypt.

Apple has also been referred in the Bible number of times. It was called as “Food of Gods” by the Scandinavians. They thought that it possessed curative properties to restore together mind and body.

Food Importance

The apple is an extremely nutritive foodstuff. It contains minerals and vitamins in large quantity. The food value of the apple is primarily constituted by its sugar content ranging from 9% to 51%. Of this sugar, cane sugar makes up 15%, glucose 25% and fruit sugar constitutes 60%.

Eating Raw Apples

Raw apples generally comprise a small quantity of starch which gets completely transformed into sugar throughout the course of ripening. The acid content of the apple is as well improved together with the sugar. This acid is constituted mainly by malic acid which is entirely utilised by the body.

The skin of the apple shouldn’t be unused when eating it in a raw form as the skin and the flesh just under it hold more vitamin C than the inside flesh. The vitamins decline gradually towards the middle of the fruit. The skin also contains 5 times additional vitamin A than the flesh.

Normally apple can be used in a dessert or can be eaten raw. Apples along with other fruits can be used in a tasty fruit salad. Apples can be cooked or baked. They can also be used in many forms like apple jelly, juice, dried apple, vinegar or cider. Apple juice when served fresh is one of the excellent fruit juice.


Apples may cause indigestion if eaten on an empty stomach. Apples are frequently sprayed with toxic chemicals to stop them from decay. The fruit should be comprehensively washed and cleaned in all feasible ways prior to consumption.

Natural benefits of eating apple and its Remedial Properties

Apples are very useful in the preservation of excellent wellbeing and in the treatment of numerous ailments. It was believed long back, to munch an apple prior going to bed will make the doctor beg his bread.
The current version of this very old saying, ‘an apple a day keeps The doctor away’, sums up the wholesome and healthful merits of apples.

The active medicinal ingredient of apple is pectin, naturally occurring therapeutic substance found in the middle portion of the skin and the pulp. Pectin helps in detoxification by supplying the galacturonic acid essential for the removal of certain damaging substances from the body. In addition, it also helps to stop the decay of protein substance in the alimentary passage. The malic acid present in the apple is advantageous to the liver, bowels, and brain.

1. Anemia

Apples are rich in arsenic, phosphorus and iron and are very much advantageous in dealing with anemia. It will be mainly helpful in the form of fresh apple juice. It may be consumed in quantities of 1 kg every day with favorable results. The best time to take Apple juice is 30 minutes prior to meals and just before going to bed. The cider should be made from good quality apples which should be carefully washed before crushing.

2. Diarrhea and Constipation

Apples are helpful in managing both diarrhea and constipation. Raw apples are beneficial for constipation. At least 2 apples should be taken on a daily basis for proper evacuation of intestines. Baked or cooked apples are excellent for diarrhea. Cooking of apples softens the cellulose and provides bulkiness to the feces.

3. Dysentery

Apples have been found beneficial in chronic and severe dysentery among kids. Sweet and ripe apples should be mashed and given to the child quite a lot of times a day in this disorder from 1 to 4 tablespoonfuls, according to the age.
The American Medical Association has also supported the use of apples as a healing agent in dysentery.

4. Stomach Disorders

A normal ‘apple medicine’ for the troubled stomach is prepared by slicing an entire apple and softly beating it until it becomes a little mashed. It may be sprinkled with honey and cinnamon. The whole mashed apple may be eaten excluding the seeds and stem. It should be chewed nicely before swallowing.

This preparation should be taken many times amid meals for favorable results. The pectin which is a natural medicinal substance in the mashed apple acts as an absorbent and soothing agent during stomach disorders.
Shredded apple, sprinkled with sesame seeds and mixed with a tablespoonful of honey acts as a wonderful appetizer and stomach tonic. It should be taken prior to meals. It stimulates slow-moving digestive juices and this provides assimilation of food for beneficial results.

5. Headaches

Apples are helpful in dealing with all types of a headache. A ripe apple can be taken along with the little salt every morning empty stomach. To do this, remove the upper skin of the apple and then mash the pulp. Add a pinch of salt and consume it. This method may be followed for a few weeks in cases of severe chronic headache.

6. Heart Disease

Apples are high in phosphorus and low in sodium and hence eating apples regularly in the morning is quite beneficial and are of great value to heart patients. Apple eaten along with the honey is considered a very valuable medication for functional disorders of the heart from ancient times. Apples are considered a high-quality source of potassium and help in the lessening of heart disease. Latest researches have shown that people who consume plenty of potassium through food items are expected to get away with heart attacks.

7. High Blood Pressure

Out of the many benefits of eating apples, another benefit is they are helpful in the cases of high blood pressure. Eating plenty of apples causes improved discharge of urine due to its speedy and diuretic effects in the body and this brings down blood pressure at its normal levels.
Apple eating also drops the supply of sodium chloride to the lowest level which helps in relieving the kidneys. Apple also lowers the sodium levels in the tissues because of the high level of potassium contained in it.

8. Rheumatic Pain

Apples are considered an exceptional food remedy for arthritis, gout, and rheumatism particularly when these diseases are caused by uric acid poisoning. The malic acid enclosed in them is supposed to deactivate the uric acid and provide relief to the patients suffering from the above conditions. Apples can be boiled and made to a jelly which can be then used as very good ointment during rheumatic pains. The ointment made, should be applied to the affected area and rubbed gently to give relief from the pain.

9. Dry Cough

Sweet ripe apples are helpful in dry hacking cough. Almost 250 grams of sweet apples should be consumed every day for about a week to gain relief from a dry cough.

10. Kidney Stones

Apples are beneficial in kidney stones. In countries where the ordinary unsweetened cider is the familiar beverage, cases of calculus or stone are nearly absent. The ripe fresh apple fruit will be furthermore helpful.

11. Eye Disorders

The apple rind water is a superb remedy for the red-looking eyes both as a drink and as an eyewash. Take a pan and put the apple skin into it along with a sufficient amount of water. Brew this mixture by covering the pan with the lid until the water reaches to its boiling point. After some time cool the mixture and strain the water and allow the water to cool down. Add some honey to the water and apply this water to the affected area.
Ripe apples can be used as a poultice for painful eyes. Mashed apple is spread over the closed eyes and is held in there for some time with the help of a bandage. It is allowed to stay there for 1 to 2 hours.

12. Dental Disorders

Regular consumption of apples may prevent tooth-decay as they have a mouth cleaning property. In a Dental Survey, it is mentioned that apples possess mouth cleaning property that no other fruit has. Apples consumed after having meals boast the same result as a toothbrush in cleaning the teeth. The acid component in the apple is an added advantage aside from its nutritive value which helps in promoting the flow of saliva in the mouth. This increase in saliva in the mouth is beneficial to the teeth.
The acidic effect of the apple also acts as an antibacterial influence upon the germs present in the teeth and mouth when it is thoroughly chewed. Apples are therefore considered as a natural preserver of the teeth and must be consumed in all tooth problems.

13. Promotes Strength and Vitality

The apple is the most excellent fruit to improve run down and weak condition of the human system. It eliminates all deficiencies of critical organs and makes the body physically powerful and solid. It tones up the brain and the body as it contains more iron and phosphorus than any other vegetable or fruit. Its habitual eating along with the milk promotes youthfulness and health and helps in building bright and healthy skin. It has a soothing and comforting effect and is good particularly for inactive workers.

14. Benefits Brain Cells

Apples are supposed to be a brilliant source of an antioxidant compound called as quercetin. One medium-sized apple contains approximately up to 10 milligrams of quercetin. According to some research, it is thought to contain a shielding effect on our brain cells.

A different study from 2015 recommended a link connecting apple juice and a lowered threat of Alzheimer’s illness. Nevertheless, it may be more advantageous to eat the whole fruit with the skin together because that is where the majority of the quercetin comes from.

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