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Submission Rules is a Health and Wellness Blog. The blog focuses on the articles related to Health & Wellness, Meditation, Ayurveda and Spirituality. Doctors, Nutritionists, Bloggers, or anyone who is passionate about writing are free to post their articles on this site.

Reasons to Write for

– For more Exposure and Online Presence.
– For Credibility.
– Reputation Building Opportunities which brings more traffic.
– Helps your posts and name get more recognition.
– Social Media Growth.
– Networking.
– Tap into under-the-nose opportunities.

Before writing you must accept these Guidelines

Blog Categories: We accept blogs only related to the categories as mentioned below:
– Health & Wellness
– Ayurveda
– Meditation
– Spirituality
– Home Remedies

Content-Length: We DO NOT ACCEPT short contents which are less than 1,000 words. If you are submitting your article make sure the article length falls between 1200 – 1500 words.

No Duplicate contents: Nobody loves plagiarism and so does Google. Google can smell copied content and is very good at it. You must not copy other posts and share here. If it’s a snippet of that other posts that inspire then you must give credit to that author or writer.

Interaction: Try to Interact with your readers and answer their queries if they have any doubt. This will help you build trust among readers.

Credits: Once again, if you post someone else work you need to give credit to the author.

Include Images or Videos: The article written by you must have Stock/Copyright Free Images or Video. And yes you must cite the source of the Image or Video with a link to the source.

Before sending your request you are automatically accepting the below-mentioned Terms and Conditions.

– The Blog Administrator has the ownership of the content.
– He can accept/reject the content.
– He can remove/delete the content at the later stage.
– He can modify the content after Publishing.
– You can’t repost curate the content without permission on to other web properties but you can link to the content.

How To Submit A Guest Post:

– Go To “Write For Us” Section.
– Register Yourself on this blog.
– You will receive a password thru email.
– Log in to your account and start posting the article.
– After acceptance, your article will be published on this site.