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Main Difference between Infant and Circumcision Surgery for Adults

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You must have heard that infants behave differently when undergoing a surgical procedure in comparison to the adults. Many reasons surround this theory like the babies have no sense of what is happening to them and out of this confusion they cry and worry the parents. But the adults are mature and can understand the procedure and behave accordingly.

Same can be said when it comes to both infant and circumcision surgery for adults. There are several differences between the two which will be discussed further below. But one thing that is common in both is the procedure of removing the extra skin from the penis. It can be done on infants as well as adults but the majority of it is performed on babies.

Facts about Infant Circumcision:

There are few facts about infant circumcision that can change the way you think but you should not be afraid as it doesn’t have to be true all the time. Although these are true still people want to have it done on their children.

Not Recommended by Health Organizations:

No health organization in the whole world has recommended this procedure as necessary. These associations consider it harmful to the health of the child and deem it too risky. Many speculations are there as to why it is the harmful and risky one being that the infant can’t tolerate the extreme pain.

Death during Circumcision:

Researchers have found out that excessive blood loss is the major cause of death infants. This seems to be very ambiguous but if the baby loss more blood during the procedure then it is life-threatening. So the doctors, surgeons or others are going to circumcise the infant need to be careful while doing it.

Videos on the Internet:

Many DIY or do-it-yourself videos are available on various channels and platforms that can help people conduct the surgical procedure. But it will do more harm than good because only an expert has the ability to do it.

No right of Decision:

The infant has no right to make his own decision to be circumcised or not. The parents and the elders of the family make that decision for him. The human rights organizations are of the view that the child must be given the right to choose until then the procedure should be postponed.

Unpleasant Feeling:

Due to health risks that child is not administered with anesthesia so the surgical procedure is performed without it. The pain becomes unbearable for the infant so it is deemed a violation of the rights of a child. People think that it is torture for the child.

Main Differences between Infant and Circumcision Surgery for Adults:

The surgery of an infant is performed sometimes at home or otherwise in a clinic. But the adult circumcision is always done in a clinic like Circumcision Center. There are a lot of differences between the two types of the circumcision which are listed below.

The Age Limit:

The basic variation between the two is of the age. The infants are 7 days old when they have their penis circumcised or the child can be older than that but the age limit will not exceed more than a couple of weeks. Whereas, there is no span of having an adult circumcision; the men can have it any point of their lifetime.

Use of Anesthesia:

It is up to the parents whether they allow the doctors to use any type of anesthesia or not. If the procedure is done at home then no sedative is used which can cause discomfort to the child. But the surgery in adults you have a choice of either allowing to use local or general anesthesia.

Reasons for the Surgery:

In infants the reasons are very clear that is either religion or culture demands it. Majority of the babies undergo the process for religious reasons. However, the adults have medical reasons to have the surgery. But other men prefer to have it just because their penis will appear more attractive.

Informed Consent:

The adults have the choice of having the surgery or not. The patients are asked if they want to have the procedure. But the infants are forced to have it done whether they want to have it or not. Many people think that it is a breach of the right that the child to decide for himself.

The Skin Removed:

It becomes quite clear the amount of skin that is removed in adult circumcision as the penis is fully developed. But the length of is unknown as the organ is too small to measure the extent of the skin removed.

Techniques are Dissimilar:

The whole procedure of infant circumcision is dissimilar to done on the adults. No anesthesia is used for children, the child is clamped onto the table so that there is less movement and the tools are also different, whereas, in adults, it is totally opposite.

Relieving the Pain:

Strong painkillers are recommended in circumcision surgery for adults but the infants are not given any type of medications. At many times the pain becomes unbearable so the doctors can suggest sedatives to relieve the agony of the child.

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