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Vitamin K2: Benefits, Important Function & Food Sources

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Vitamin K2 is a recently discovered vitamin. vitamin k2 works with vitamin D in calcium metabolism. Health professionals talk about Vitamin K1 a lot which actually helps you in building clots.

Even doctors if they want to thin the blood to prevent clots they’ll give the patient a drug called chromatin to thin the blood because chromatin blocks vitamin K1.

But Vitamin K2 is a completely different part of that vitamin K complex. Vitamin K2 is vital in the transportation of calcium from the wrong place to the right place.

How Vitamin K2 works with Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 has a function of absorbing calcium. So it allows the calcium to be absorbed by 25 times more than it normally would so.

Calcium doesn’t just travel on its own. It needs help from other vitamins. Vitamin D3 is the one that works in the intestine and helps you absorb the calcium from the intestine much greater than if you didn’t have it.

So vitamin D increases the amount of calcium in the blood. Now if you have too much vitamin D you can end up with too much calcium in the blood which is called hypercalcemia.

To avoid this situation, Vitamin K2 is essential to transport that absorbed Calcium to the right places in the body.

A lot of people have soft tissue calcium buildup because they’re missing this Vitamin K2. These people get clogging of the arteries where they get plaquing. They have tartar on the teeth, cataracts, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, high blood pressure, stroke and all sorts of things because the calcium starts building up.

As you get older the condition becomes worse since you become really really stiff because of calcium build up in your body in wrong places.

Vitamin K2 and Cholesterol

Over 50 years many health professionals have been telling us to avoid fat and cholesterol because they don’t want you to get a heart attack when in fact K2 is in cholesterol foods to help clean out the calcium plaquing.

So the cholesterol plaquing is really just these long-term effects of having problems in the arteries. The point is K2 is much more important to help the cardiovascular system and bone health because it will take the calcium and drive it right into that bone and make it nice and solid.

Dr. Eric Berg always recommends taking Vitamin K2  dosages with vitamin D3 so they work together. He recommends taking 4 tablets of K2 and 4 of vitamin D3. So Vitamin D3 would be roughly about 10,000 IU’s per pill and D3 100 micro grams. So basically these have to be taken in the right combination so they work together.

So you take a one-to-one ratio if it’s a major problem take four and four in the morning. if it’s a minor problem you’re just maintaining it take one of each.

Now, why do you take it in the morning because the stomach is mostly acidic in the morning and it’s the best to digest protein and fats early in the day and not right before you go to bed. You can take K2 and D3 with some fat maybe a little butter or even just with your eggs for breakfast.
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Vitamin K2 with Gall Bladder formula

There’s no actual problem taking K2 and D3 on the far side effects. But if you have a gall bladder problem like gallbladder bloating, constipation or don’t have a gallbladder, then you need to add gall bladder formula to this because you might not be able to absorb these fat-soluble vitamins since you don’t have enough bile from your gall bladder.

Benefits of Vitamin K2

Arteries: Without Vitamin K2 you end up with calcium plaquing in the arteries (Calcification of the arteries due to K2 deficiency). So your arteries become very very stiff and that’s going to lead to high blood pressure. Vitamin K2 has been shown to improve elasticity in your arteries. So Vitamin K2 may decrease the blood pressure because it’s making your arteries more elastic.

Joints & Teeth: Without K2, you end up with all sorts of extra junk in the joints. Hence Vitamin K2 helps in maintaining strong bones by providing calcium and other minerals to the joints. It also provides good teeth by limiting excess Calcium deposits on the teeth causing tartar in the soft tissues.

Osteoporosis: Vitamin K2 is the most potent inhibitor of vascular calcification which occurs when people get older. They get stiffer and start hunching over and become like a stone. This is because they’re deficient in Vitamin k2. So you can improve any osteoporosis if you get enough of the k2 and have the vitamin d3.

Reverse aging: Vitamin k2 also helps you reverse some of the aging processes with the elasticity of your soft tissue, the joints, and the arteries.
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Vitamin K2 Food Sources

Well, you get Vitamin K2 from the conversion of K 1 to K 2. Because K 1 is in all the leafy greens it’s in the grasses. So when the cow eats the grass it then converts it to Vitamin K2. It’s in milk, cheese, butter from cows that have been fed grass and not grains.

It’s also in egg yolk from chickens that have eaten some grass. So you don’t have to necessarily be afraid to consume butter from a grass-fed cow or even organic egg yolks or even the European cheeses because those cheese are from grass-fed mountain cows.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you could actually get Vitamin K2 from NATTO which is a fermented soy product. Another Vitamin K2 food source is Sauerkraut and  Miso. But make sure it’s Non-GMO.

Hope this information helped you to gain some insights about the role of Vitamin K2. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, make sure you include sufficient amounts of Vitamin K2 and K1 in your diet.

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